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Founded more than 2000 years ago on the banks of the river Adige, Verona conserves memories of all historical periods in every street, monument, church, building, and on its old townwall, which makes it worth being included in the list of UNESCO protected sites.


Verona is a city which is full of culture: here you can visit important museums (the Museum of Castelvecchio and three archeological museums, to start with) and prestigious art exhibitions.


Verona is a city which is renowned for its music: in 2013 the Lyric Festival in Arena celebrates its 100th anniversary. Moreover, in the wonderful scenery of the amphitheatre, national and International rock-stars have the chance to perform their concerts there.


Verona is a city which is rich in theatres: in addition to the main national companies which perform every year in Teatro Nuovo, about 50 theatrical amateur companies do their spectacles in Verona and its province. In summertime you can enjoy high quality shows in the Roman Theatre of I century B.C., such as the Shakesperian Festival.


Verona is the city in which history is mixed with myth, the myth of eternal love in the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet.


Verona is the city where you can relax and have a pre-dinner drink such as “spritz” or a glass of very good wine in one of the wonderful squares, or you could taste the local cuisine in a characteristic “osteria” or in a comfortable restaurant.


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