Visit of churches

It is possible to visit some churches as a specific tour or to add one of them during the proposed tour. The entrance fee with a guide is 1,00 Euro per person.

We suggest the visit of the following churches:

The Basilique of San Zeno: masterpiece of veronese Romanesque, in the past it was part of an important Benedictine monastery. Inside there are the relics of Saint Zeno, the patron saint of the city. In the main altar the Renaissance masterpiece of Mantegna Sacred Conversation with the Holy Mary.

The Basilique of Saint Anastasia: official Church of the Della Scala family, in gothic style; the interior, richly decorated, conserves the famous fresco of Pisanello, Saint George and the Pricess.

The Duomo of Verona: the Cathedral of Verona conserves the remains of the very first paleochristians churches. Through the centuries, from Medieval times till Renaissance, it has been the object of many modifications, which you can notice in its architecture and in its precious interior. In one of the side altars, you can admire The Assumption of the Virgin by Tizian.

Saint Lawrence Church: this is a little Church in Romanesque style, which presents interesting architectural charcteristics and an interior, which always fascinates the visitor.

Church of Saint Giorgio In Braida: this is a 16th century Church on the left bank of the River Adige. Here you can admire paintings of Paolo Veronese, Paolo Farinati, Jacopo Tintoretto, and some other very good local painters. It is a sort of painting gallery in a Church. - P.IVA 04131440234